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Canon 600D

by on Mar.07, 2011, under Personal, Tech

Looks like I finally made up my decision on getting a DSLR to join the crowd of photographer. It’s Canon 600D which about to release by end of the month of March 2011. Lets hope the news from
Canon Malaysia Facebook is true.

Why I choose this DSLR.
Let eliminate the common brand, well know Nikon DSLR which seem to be best in price/feature. The reason I did not go for Nikon camera because I find hard to understand the camera. I was given few chances to handon with Nikon camera by I fail to take a decent photo. My Canon 200SX produces a better picture during the shooting. I know I know. I am not saying Canon 200SX is wpid-2011-03-22-23.24.22.jpg

better but I just do not know how to use Nikon camera.
Sony DSLR is a good camera and ease to use when first touch of it and without much setting I am satisfied with the output of the photo. One thing the worry me about Sony is all their lens are too pricey. So there goes out of my list.
My second candidate was micro four third Panasonic GF2. I was really excited when this camera about to release back in December 2010. However after a few handon with the camera, I found that the touch screen really bad as it uses pressure sensitive touch technology which was famous 6 years ago. In addition to that, the grip is really bad for a camera. With the weight of the lens on interchange lens camera, size does matter and the feel of stability need to be there.
Canon 60D will be my only choice as I really like the rotatable screen. Especially taking marco shot, You able to comfortably look into the live view without twisting your neck to the max. The size of 600D really over kill for beginner like me. That leave me hopeless until the announce of 600D. 600D seems to the birth of 60D and 550D. It has the screen like 60D and the size of 550D. It just perfect. I hope my hand on when it reached Malaysia does not disappoint me.

The Canon 600D price and availability in Malaysia were announced as below. The price look attractive to me as it is lower that retail price of current 550D.

**Availability: End March 2011 (tentative).
EOS 600D (Body): RRP RM2,549
EOS 600D (18-55mm IS II): RRP RM2,999
EOS 600D (18-135mm IS): RRP RM3,688

Update 22 March 2011:

Finally, I bought it at one of the camera shop in Angsana, Johor. Price RM34xx for Canon 600D with 18-135mm lens. It comes with free cleaning kit, tripod, camera bag, 8GB memory card and screen protector.

I top up RM 500 for additional 50mm/1.8 lens, filter for both lens, additional battery. Got addition free item after heavy bargain, 1 remote shutter, dry silica gel.

Price breakdown
Canon 600 Kit II(18-135mm) – RM 34xx
Additional Lens(50mm/1.8) – RM 300
Additional Battery – RM 100
2xDecent quality lens filter – RM 200
Remote, Silica-gel, Etc – RM 50
Total after heavy bargain – RM39xx

Remember to pamper your camera with an Eye-Fi card.

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Auto drive or driverless car

by on Mar.05, 2011, under Tech

Google just announce they are working on a driver less car(or auto drive car). Looks like it is interesting to some the artificial intelligent to drive for you. Sit back and relax while it brings you to the destination. I wonder if it come with auto parking feature and wake you up when your car is well parked in the lot.

I guess it been so many years that those car manufacture unable to come out with the artificial intelligent because they only have those mechanical and electronic engineer.
But Google have butch of software engineers making this possible.

Lets hope the software does not give you force close or send error report in the middle of the highway.

Hope you enjoy the video below

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Long long time

by on Dec.03, 2010, under Personal, Tech, Travel

It’s been really long long time since I last updated this page. Been busy with many thing on my life. Many hardware upgrade and update. Let see the list below.

1.  Really glad to inform that my SGS(Galaxy S) has been upgrade to Froyo Android version 2.2. I lost all my configuration and SMS during the upgrade. That the biggest mistake I ever made on the mobile phone.

2.  Added NAS D-Link DNS 323 into my home network. Now I have a dedicate drive to store my files. I have done many things to the NAS. Add Bittorent Support, webproxy, Samba share, php webserver, time machine backup. a MRTG graph in future maybe.

3. As accessory to the NAS above, I got a Western Digital Green 2TB HDD. That making my total storage at home reach 4TB (2Tb WD Green + 3x320GB WD+ 1TB WD Black). There is still some issue with the file copy, the connection just drop for no reason. Still working on the root cause

4. A new TP-Link 8960N wireless router and modem, to pamper my NAS traffic. As the NAS is running all the time, I need a router to QOS the traffic and give more priority to my browsing and gaming. This TP-Link router look promising. The time it take to power on up to ADSL link is up is less that a minute. Thats really fast. However, the modem starting to drop ADSL signal unexpectedly past 2 day. I think it is too hot. I power it on again today and it is working fine.

5. No much trip I have gone since the last post. I been to only Genting and Genting.. Haha 2 times in 4month. Really bored with Genting already.

6. Getting IPhone 4 for my sister. This IPhone 4 really puts me lots of trouble trying to activate it. Most of the phone shop refuse to assist me to activate the phone with micro sim card. Argggggghhhh…. Why need activation, this making I hate IPhone more.

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