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Fix XiaoYi IP Camera China use only and enable telnet rtsp ftp http

by on Jan.07, 2017, under Personal

Please note this does not work with serial number start with 16CN/17CN

Download the file above. This file I got from internet and modified abit to make life easier. I just change the content of /test/equip_test.sh to disable china use only and enable RTSP.

Reboot means pull the power, wait 1 min and power on again. Or telnet into it and reboot command

If you already have china fix), just do the step 3.

Method 1
1. Extract and copy to the SD card. Reboot your ip cam
2. After reboot, wait 5 mins or until it say “this product is for china use only”.
3. Copy test to the SD card again(overwrite if prompt) and reboot

Method 2
If you want to do it remotely without touching the SD card. Make sure you have FTP to the device.

1. Extract and ftp all the file to /home/hd1/ and reboot
2. After reboot, wait 5 mins or until it say “this product is for china use only”.
3. ftp test folder to the /home/hd1/ again(overwrite if prompt) and reboot.

I have done method 1 for 1 ip camera and method 2 for other 3 camera.
It should work.

If you get stuck with solid orange light, delete the test folder from SD card. Somehow the RTSP enabler has failed and I dont know why. it happen to one of my ip cam and i just retry again.

If everything fail, go back to and try again
*Some new version hardware[After april 2016] wont run https://www.dropbox.com/s/4tazlve65zmo6he/
Make sure Telnet/FTP/RTSP works before upgrade to
Extract and copy to SD card. Follow method 1 above

To access RTSP
Replace with your Xiaoyi Ants ip address

Main stream: rtsp://x.x.x.x:554/ch0_0.h264
Minor stream: rtsp://
Audio stream: rtsp://

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SHA-1/SHA1 phased out and SHA256

by on Jun.18, 2015, under Tech

Recently, I been working on the web page ssl cert signature. It as come to my attention that it appear that Google Chrome browser will begin sun setting SHA1 algorithm cert. This means the browser will report your page is unsecured even with valid SSL cert installed. Other major browser such as Firefox and Internet Explorer will also follow the trail. Firefox and Chrome will slowly begin to show warning and error over the time until 1 Jan 2017. All 3 major browser will begin rejecting the SHA1 cert after 1 Jan 2017. In fact, developer looking at Firefox console already seeing the error. What surprise me is that Google website still using SHA1 at the time of this writing, I would assume they will be the first to move to SHA256. Well, maybe Google try to accommodate old device/browser.

So remember this date 1 Jan 2017 will be the last day before your boss knock on your door on this issue.

Side note: other crypto that also phase out

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Cycling through Singapore-Malaysia Woodlands customs

by on May.20, 2015, under Personal

I been searching how to get a bicycle in Malaysia and cycle it in to Singapore. It appears that it is possible to cycle cross the border. Just follow the motorcycle lane even you are riding bicycle.

Good luck and happy riding.

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