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Taiwan: Hotel review

by on May.01, 2012, under Travel

I stayed in couple hotel/B&B/Mingsu and wanna give short review here. Be reminded to book the hotel/mingsu at least 3 month in advance. Taipei budget hotel fully booked during weekend.

1. Nei Jiang [Ximen] (NT1440 and NT1880 this is cooperate price you may not able to get this price)
The hotel is pretty clean and the service is good until they throw away all my gf contact lens(all no yet open) on the basin. All the contact lenses we gone and we were rushing for the wedding photography. Lucky, I managed to find on shop near ximen open at 9am. I made the hotel to pay for all the contact lenses after big argument as the cleaner refuse to admit she throw it away. The cleaner say it already in the bin when she clean the room. Waste so much time looking for contact lens and argument with the hotel. The manager took 1 hour and 30mins to arrive but told us 30 mins.
Distance from MRT: 5mins walk
Breakfast: Sandwich + box drink.
Recommendation: 7/10 (I took out the contact lens issue into this judging)
Location: 7/10
Note:  Their webpage is down during this posting blog.

2. Windsor B&B [Juifen] Recomended by kampongboycitygirl (NT 3200 and NT 3600 Weekday price)
The first impression of the B&B is pricey but i still go ahead as I never stay in this kind of place before. The distance of the B&B is far from the main road(about 15 mins walk) and climbing stairs is unavoidable. The view from the room is nice especially the windows is design with web to prevent mosquito so you can enjoy the natural breeze. I booked 2 different from for 2 days. Both have different design and style. Go ahead try it if you have extra cash to spent. The onwer of the B&B Mr Hzu Da Ge(Hzu big brother) is very kind, he even purposely bring us around Juifen by car to show us around Juifen waterfall and Green copper rock.
Distance from Main road: 15 mins walk
Breakfast: Sandwich+Fruit+Coffee/Tea/Chocolate
Recommendation: 7/10
Location: 6/10

3. Rotherburg B&B [Loudong] (NT3600 Weekday price) Recomended by kampongboycitygirl
This B&B every nicely decorated, you can feel the different of the quality compare to other B&B. Everything here carefully installed. The light/wall/wood/sofa/table deco. I managed to speak to owner and he told me most of the things here imported. Bad thing about this B&B there is nothing around. Need to take 15 min taxi to night market in Loudong. We just take a rest and have plenty of photo shooting in the house.
Breakfast: Too many thing to describe. They forget to give us yogurt as other guess have it. I did not request since the food already over kill.
Distance from anything: 15 mins car drive
Recommendation: 8/10
Location: 3/10

4. Forever ocean [Hwalien] (NT2500 Weekday price)
This the most friendly staff compare to any B&B i stayed. They carefully explain everything to me in details and I can feel they do happy explaining word by word in map(I asked alot of it). Both staff day and night(Vivi) very very nice. I would praise them in every way. Vivi speak mandarin like singing to you because she is Indonesia. B&B is walking distance to some shop lots but not night market. They have discounted price for taxi NT100 to anywhere in hwalien.
Breakfast: Sandwich+Fruit+Coffee/Tea/Chocolate very large portion. Male and Female breakfast are different. haha
Distance from shoplot: 15 min walk
Recommendation: 9/10
Location: 6/10

5. Julie House B&B [Ximen] (NT1800 and subsequent NT1200 same price for weekday or weekend)
I booked this B&B because i could not find any other place to stay. All fully book even it is 2 month advance. The room very small, I got no place to move after putting 1 cabin luggage and 1 big luggage. I have to leave my another luggage back outside the room. Breakfast only provided for 1 day, no breakfast for subsequent day. It pretty far from the MRT and the owner refuse to give exact location before booking.
Room condition quite dirty as the floor filled with some dust, the water from bathroom leak to the room cause bad smell. No lift. Water dispenser in common room has no water for 2 days. Good thing is washing machine can be use.
Owner help me to bring my 2 x 20KG luggage bag up and down the stairs. She is quite friendly and helpful.
Distance from MRT: 15 mins walk
Breakfast: Sandwich+Coffee/Tea/Chocolate
Recommendation: 5/10
Location: 4/10


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