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Captcha reCaptcha. Tired of waiting time.

by on Jan.03, 2012, under Personal, Tech

Have you been tired typing the captcha just to download a file for a few files ? Especially in Malaysia where the line keep disconnected and unstable, you will need to keep key in new captcha. Frustrated right. Here I found a solution to the problem for site like fileserve.com, filesonic.com, wupload.com and ……. the list go one. Using a software call JDownload will able to help you recognize  the captcha for some site like Megaupload.com but other site using more complex captcha wont work.

Imagine you have to download 10 or 20 files from filesonic.com  without premium account, you will need to fill up captcha and wait for it download[might need to wait 20 mins before next download] then repeat again. If each file around 100mb, that will take you few days to download. So let me give you as solution. Some people call it anti recaptcha but it actually solve captcha using captcha.trader.

captcha.trader will be able to solve up the complex captcha for you. So all you do is queue up the download files in the Jdownloader and link up captacha.trader. Jdownloader will connect to captcha.trader to have someone solve the captcha for you. But wait everything come with as cost. Every captcha solved cost 10 point and you will need to earn that point. You must login to captcha.trader and help people solve their captcha and gain 7 point each correct answer.

Here is the step for the how process.
1. Create account with captcha.trader
2. Download and install Jdownloader.
3. Install captcha.trader plugin to your Jdownloader. Insert your username and password
4. Login to captcha.trader and start earning point/credit
5. Queue up your download in Jdownloader and see the magic works.

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