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2011 has gone

by on Dec.31, 2011, under Personal

Another year has gone, lets roll back and see what had happen in 2011

This has been as shopping month for me, I bought a Platonic Backbeat stereo bluetooth and Eye-Fi card from amazon, the shipping seems to be alot higher that expected but yet it still cheaper.

A trip to Bintan with love. It’s my most memorable trip and been very happy with the nice decorated room and time with my most love one.

I made my first trip to Singapore Zoo after been in Singapore for 4 years, it was raining heavily during this trip yet it enjoyable and we managed to hit all the main attraction. This is also the month we got united again with my ex cousemate. This year, we made tour to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Surprisingly, September has been quite month for me. Apart from attending Joyce friend wedding in KL, there arent much things does this month.

Ah, remember this, I head over to Desaru, Johor with ex-colleague. Got the change to go back to days when I was small playing with the water slides.

That a trip back to Penang, where I bring my most loved person to “The Ship” for dinner.

This is the first time visit one of the seven wonder of world. It’s Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Also found I am not very interested in history

May was the month for Indonesia, I visited 2 places in Indonesia. A trip to Batam and Bandung. I cant remember how many times i been to batam so lets just skip that. Bandung is been as shopping heaven for girl. You can go just buy and buy cause thing there is so cheap. But the hotel is expensive though.

It’s another year I celebrate my birthday in Thailand. Also the first time, I hug other girl in front of my GF. Ops.. lets not elaborate further.

I had a early celebration at on of the high class restaurant. First time fine dining.

Got a pretty dress for my BB.

Ah, it Batam again…….

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