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It’s end of 2010

by on Dec.31, 2010, under Personal

It been another year has passed. There are so many great memory behind year of 2010..

I got a really long CNY holiday. 19 Days. I don’t even believe it for myself.

Joyce and I went to bottle tree park. A very unique tree shape like a bottle.

Birthday at Phuket, Thailand for 7 Days 6 Nights.  All the fun with water gun and shooting people with they smile back at you.
Most importantly, my proposal to my lovely Joyce gone through perfectly.  Love you, BB.
My first time at TGI Friday. Enjoyed the food very much.
Bought a Semi-D housing in Penang. All the process gone thru completely.

Celebrated Joyce birthday.

Enjoy food from Ebisboshi Shotengai(Suggested by SP). Pretty cheap and special Japanese Restaurant.

It’s a busy month in July. I went to KL few times. Visited Bukit Tinggi for second time and Genting with NME people.

Post-Proposal trip or pre-wedding honeymoon. Whatever you call it, it’s Bali for 4 Days 3 Night. We shop till we drop.
Will go again next time and will be a week or more.
Got my Samsung Galaxy S

Pangkor Island for 3 Days 2 Nights reunion with ex-course mate. We eat we drink we play.
Hatyai 2 Days 1 Nights. I was sick the whole trip. Took over 20 panadol and not recovering but most important things. I try all the food there and she shop alot.

KL.. KL and KL. Many events in KL.
AT&T convert me to permanent staff with greater benefits.

KL again for Joyce friend wedding
Genting with family trip(First trip after I gone to Singapore).
Alan/Shirley(ex-boss) wedding. Congratulate them.
I won “Employee of the Month” at AT&T first

Reunion trip again with ex-course mate, Chrystal birthday and Yee Phuang Wedding. All in one at Luxury Austin Hills Golf Club Hotel.

Summary of Holiday in Year 2010:
Phuket, Thailand.
Bali, Indonesia
Bukit Tinggi, Malaysia
Genting, Malaysia
Pangkor, Malaysia
Hatyai, Thailand.
Austin Hills Golf Club Johor, Malaysia

It’s been an important year of my life in Year 2010.
It is a major event of my life for getting Joyce as my life partner and first Semi-D house at age below 30.

Happy 2011 and have a great year ahead.

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