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Airasia after renovated

by on Jul.19, 2010, under Personal, Travel

I just got my ticket after 30 mins struggle on the newly updated/improved Airasia website. There are plenty of errors and bugs on the website. I guess they just run too much of JavaScript on a booking site. Most of the button giving JavaScript error or no respond at all.

In the process of getting 2 tickets to Penang. I need to fill in the guest information for 6 times before the booking completed. Either the button is not responding or the page give unexpected error or even worst – blank screen. Feels so frustrated.
I wonder what is other budget airline I can rely on my next trip(very bad experience with MAS).

Some advices for others booking on airasia “renovated” website.
1. Use only IE or Firefox maybe. Chrome is not supported. They should warn user about this.
2. Turn off every single popup blocker that you can think of. Even the browser default popup blocker.
3. Click on pick my seat even you do not wish to do so. You will get unknown error or black screen if you click on continue without pickup the seat. Could their new way try to make people pick seat. Money matters right.
4. Wait for few second even minutes after click on the button. Only click again after long no respond or expect to see some javascript error and there go your training to fill form again.
5. Pay by debit card to save the convenience charges.

If you needed to call them, make sure you have a fax machine with you and make them on hold until they confirm receive the document. No matter how many time you fax them, they will ask you to fax again. I wonder where is our confidential information fax to them has gone to. I think you can find those copy of confidential information in recycle bin outside Airasia office.

Tony, your company has grown well these years but your service getting worse.

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Bukit tinggi trip.

by on Jul.07, 2010, under Personal, Travel

It’s been 4 year since I when to bukit tinggi in June 2006. Nothing much has changed except I look alot older now. Haha. Let me post some photos 4 years ago and the photo today.

IMG_2780.jpg IMG_4180.jpg

Nothing changed right. Just I have changed and the price of the food has increased about 40%.
However, I still having fun there. The atmosphere and scene is so nice. What a relaxing trip.

Stay tune. more photo coming soon.

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Hungry android

by on Jul.05, 2010, under Tech


Feeling hungry ? Let get the best food out there. The open source food.
Google has been naming Android operating system with the name of desserts and pastries in alphabetical order.
Below is the listing of the open source food version.
Version 1.5 Cupcake
Version 1.6 Donut
Version 2.0 Eclair (means cream puff). Applied on version 2.1 too
Version 2.2 Froyo (means frozen yogurt)
Next Version Gingerbread

So do you still feels hungry now ?

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